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pulled the public download link for the game. here was a video of the gameplay, if you want a copy of the zip for research, fire me a tweet:


Rude Bear RPG is the origin story of the Rude Bear franchise, and the seventh game in the series.

The prequel to the smash fail Rude Bear Rising, and Preprequel to the original Rude Bear.

It uses a realtime battle system and links the worlds of Earthbound, Pokemon Red/Blue, Pokemon Gold/Silver, Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy, Super Mario RPG as well as connecting different worlds (volcano, desert, forest, tower, grave).

For anyone familiar with the Rude Bear saga, it also lays the foundation of connecting Rude Bear Resurrection to Rude Bear Rising, as well as bringing back the puppet style of the original Rude Bear.

It controls entirely with the mouse. e.g. click Defend just as you're about to get hit by a powerful attack to potentially take 0 damage if you time it right.
I also ran the optional theme "Marilyn Manson" with a few others.


Rude Bear:
Bullet Time (2 $C): Slows down the game time so defense is easier.
Galvanise (4 $C): Gives 4$C to the chosen ally.
White Lightning (6 $C): Strong magic attack, targets 1 enemy.
Rain Dance (8 $C): Magic attack, targets all enemies.
Martyvate (10 $C): Sacrifices Rude Bear to fully swag out Rad Boar and Robed Bird.

Rad Boar:
Seismic Chop (2 $C): Strong physical attack.
Attention Hog (4 $C): Sticks a Kick Me sign to one ally. This ally will then take all enemy attacks. Using it twice on the same character removes it.
Boarrier (6 $C): Grants a shield to one ally, which doubles their defense until it wears off.
Hamdemic (8 $C): Sends out Swine Flu and damages all enemies with magic.
Sepporku (10 $C): Sacrifices Rad Boar to give super shields to both allies. These shields last significantly longer.

Robed Bird:
Dark Chant (2 $C): Heals all allies.
Storm Patrol (4 $C): Harms all enemies with a magic attack.
Phoenix Up (6 $C): Revives one ally and/or heals all their HP.
Scythe Bill (8 $C): A barrage of 8 consecutive physical attacks, does a lot of damage.
Bleeding Heart (10 $C): Sacrifices Robed Bird to max revive both other party members. DOES NOT WORK PROPERLY IN THIS BUILD, MAXES THEIR HEALTH BUT DOES NOT REVIVE.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorAlex Rose
GenreRole Playing
TagsLudum Dare 30
LinksLudum Dare


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dude, post screenshots. Why would I play it if there's no bait for your hook?

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game jam curator did a review of it with a video: https://game-curator.com/jams/ludum-dare-30-rude-bear-rpg/

Why would I play it if there's no bait for your hook?

The only interaction I have with you is this comment on a freeware game I made 8 years ago in 72 hours. I just want you to know that it's not appropriate to make rude demands of developers you never met, especially on 8 year old freeware

I uploaded all these old games recently for archival purposes because the old ludum dare site went down, along with all the old screenshots. I don't have screenshots anymore, because it was almost a decade ago


You know you can just make screenshots of the video you linked, right?

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set the game link private because I'm tired of this. I do not care if you play a free game or not because there was or wasn't a screenshot. please direct your ire at someone else

if anyone else wants to download the game, it can still be found through the archive.org backup of the old ludum dare website by finding the correct ludum dare and my old userid, I believe 30 and 19499 respectively off the top of my head

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Wowzers, you are seething an unreasonable amount just because someone made a reasonable observation. It doesn't matter how aggressively you want to respond to them or me for that matter, you cannot reasonably expect people to want to play a game for which they have no visual reference of. Screenshots are a necessity if you actually want people to play your games, which I can assume that you do seeing as you publicly uploaded it here with the explicit understanding and intention for it to be being played by others.

Even *if* this is for archival purposes and this is an old game it still doesn't warrant your exaggerated and arrogant reply. It is possible to explain the situation without flying off the handle about it, especially considering the original commenter was not in the least bit rude and had a valid point.

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you cannot reasonably expect people to want to play a game for which they have no visual reference of

I never expected anyone to play nor do I care if they do. it's free. I don't care whether you play a free game, I don't even know you. if you don't play that's your choice

especially considering the original commenter was not in the least bit rude

if the OP posted, "Hi there, could you post some screenshots so I can see what the game looks like?", I may have found the time. That's not what happened, they posted "Dude, post screenshots. Why should I care about your game?", as if I am supposed to care whether a randomer downloads an 8 year old game for free

If you want a favour from a stranger the bare minimum is being polite. I wouldn't even work for a paying client with that attitude. but you aren't a client, or even a customer - you're a commenter on my page asking me for free work on a free game, while insulting me. I embedded a video link and still someone complained along with sarcasm

if you want free work, you can find the screenshots and the download link on the internet archive. you're welcome to do so or not do so, makes no difference to me


If you don't have the screenshots anymore, I have an idea for you. 

You could create an open Google Doc asking for screenshots from people who've downloaded the game. That way it's a win-win situation: you get some screenshots (and possibly more views and downloads) and they get to do something they enjoy (aka playing your game)

Good luck with all your future projects.


Thankyou for your comment. If anyone takes any screenshots I believe they can be embedded right into the posts here and I can mirror them at the top page, feel free to post them


this game is pure perfection


haha it's secretly my favourite rude bear game. I made it in a tent