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Rude Bear Resurrection is the fourth game in the hit Ludum Dare series of Rude Bear games. It is a pseudo multiplayer game, where everyone in the world has an effect on the game world.

In this Rude Bear adventure, Rude Bear must enter the Wizard's tower to defeat him. However, he will have to get through lots of difficult areas, facing giant spinning death lasers, floating skulls of doom, giant wind tunnels, and so on.

As Rude Bear progresses, he has the option to press switches. These switches will permanently open easier routes (and also inform everyone that you were the hero who opened it). However, if you are consistent at a hard area, you might choose /not/ to press switches, so other people can't get ahead.

Remember, only one person can ever win the game.

When you die, you leave a corpse with a message. Your corpse will live on after your death. Other players can walk on your corpse and use it as a shield, use it to press buttons, get an idea of what dangers lurk ahead and so on.

You might choose to leave a helpful message on your corpse. Or you might just choose to leave angry profanities. To read other players' messages, hover over the corpses.
You can also burn corpses in the way with your fairy companion.

Hypothetically, if it were possible to turn Super Saiyan in this game, hypothetically of course, you'd be able to double jump in midair. Not that you can do that. Not that there's a transformation sequence at the last boss. Totally not. That totally doesn't happen. Totally. But if it did, double jumps, fyi (and your mega aura would be an indicator of your health).

There are two sections to the tower, one that requires platforming finesse, and one which requires everyone to band together and drop corpses like it's 1939. Or.. some other analogy.

You'll be pushed to your limits. Meat Boy style. Except without super tight physics. So, doom essentially. As in, you are doomed. Not Doom.

Also, since the game didn't fit #NOKILL, the optional theme, #OVERKILL persued instead. Brace yourself for horrible deaths.

Who will be first to the roof, who will defeat the wizard, and who will find the real secret of the tower?

Could it be you?

Brave the tower while you can. You only get one.

Code/Music/Blah by Alex Rose @alexrosegames
Badass pixel art by Antony Dewar @Panttts


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