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=== STORY ===

Your mortal nemesis, The Wizard, has finally decided to make friends with you. All you have to do is take care of his son for the day while he attends his special convention, Wizcon™.

Unfortunately you live in a neighbourhood of satanists, so it’s not easy to look after a child when everyone wants a porcine sacrifice.

Good luck!

=== Controls ===

Click to move. You can hold to move around. You can go south into the garden too. Move near a certain special item to push it in front of another thing.

=== Hints ===

Did you read the controls? You can go into the garden in the south, and you can also push pizza around m8. Also try getting the “True ending” after the “””last guy””” if you want.

== What’s a Rude Bear? ==

This is the 17th Rude Bear game in the RB core series, the 18th Ludum Dare extended universe Rude Bear game, and the 20th extended universe Rude Bear game. It was made for Ludum Dare 43’s jam, under the theme “Sacrifices must be made”. It’s a game about restraint.

=== CREDITS ===      
@AlexRoseGames - Code, Design, Animation, sound design/SFX, rapping                        
@BitsAndCrafts - Dope ass Art                                 
@Atmospherium - Music                              
Barney Demetriou - Voice Acting                        
@Sheepolution - Voice Acting 
== Voice Acting == 
Barney Demetriou - The voice of Rad Boar Jr         
Alex Rose - Rad Boar Jr (mixtape), Advert announcer, Painting Monster, Runes                         
Daniël Haazen - Jizz News reporters

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorsAlex Rose, bitsandcrafts, atmospherium
TagsLudum Dare 43, negotiation, Walking simulator
LinksLudum Dare


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I wish Jizcon™️ was real


I like to imagine you registered an itch account just to talk about Jizzcon

(1 edit)

I did. I actually did.

Jiz aside, this game is hilarious, and while simple, is well made. 

Only complaints has to be that certain characters walk out of sight before finishing their dialogue (namely the police officer) and that there's no unique dialogue with the wizard after you give him his son back, you're just trapped in an awkward staring contest forever.

Aside from that, great free game, I love the two awesome songs in the intro/kitchen and the mixtape (Jr. has the sickest bars bro fr) 

I think that's a glitch, it was definitely possible at some point to get dialogue with the wizard (I'm assuming you gave it to the correct wizard and not the thief pretending to be the wizard). unfortunately there is a problem with that game and that is.. the source code was overwritten by Rude Bear Reassembled, I accidentally used the same folder for both, so there's no way I can recover it now

That's fine, not like this is a demand for an update or anything, this game's been out for months and it's well enough as is. I just wanted to show my support to the world's greatest convention and happened to give feedback since you responded to it.

Also why did Itch.io delete my first reply bruh

technically it's been out since.. 2018, I just didn't upload to itch haha

What the dialoge supposed to be?

I think the Wizard if you give it to the real Wizard nad not the fake Wizard says that we're cool now and that he doesn't even really like his son anyway, he just won him in a bet from Rad Boar or something. Or maybe that part was the intro. it's been several years. The Wizard is Rude Bear's nemesis in general

the kid is so annoying that you wanna kill him by the end.

Yeah the real challenge in the game is putting up with him long enough to not want to give him away