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It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for, Rude Bear 16

                          ==== HOW TO PLAY ====                AS YOUR TORCH RUNS OUT YOU DIE. GET TO THE TORCHES                 EXPLORE THE WORLD. FIND ABILITIES. USE ABILITIES                         GO AND RESCUE YOUR FATHER 

=== STORY ===

At the entropic death of the universe, on the last planet still housing the final vestiges of life, Rude Bear finds himself in the cold interior of a hunk of space rock, the home of the only other sentient entity in the universe still living - The God of Space.

Even The Wizard, the God of Time, is dead now, all that remains is space.

Rude Bear’s flame keeps him alive against the cold creep of disorder, but now even that too dies.

Luckily, The God of Space (now released and unconfined from the DETHKUBE which binded him) possesses magical flames, which still light up his lair, and can sustain what little life still remains.

The only thing that can fix this universe, is for Rude Bear to free his father, Jam Bear, from his dark host, by defeating his Spacegod form.

And only then can Rudey McBearson, son of James McBear, wake up from his delusion and realise that he is actually a man and not a bear at all.

This is the chronological end of the Hero Falls route of the Rude Bear series.

                                 === CONTROLS ===                                       Keyboard:                                 W/D Left/Right = Walk                                    Space/C = Jump                                V = Dash (after unlocked)                            Down = Crouch (after unlocked)                              Up = Uncrouch (also jump works)                                          Xbox:                                 Stick/D-Pad = Walk                                       A/LB = Jump                                B = Dash (after unlocked)                            Down = Crouch (after unlocked)                              Up = Uncrouch (also jump works)                                       Dualshock:                                 Stick/D-Pad = Walk                                       X/L1 = Jump                              Circle = Dash (after unlocked)                            Down = Crouch (after unlocked)                              Up = Uncrouch (also jump works)

== What’s a Rude Bear? ==

This is the 16th Rude Bear game in the RB core series, the 17th Ludum Dare extended universe Rude Bear game, and the 19th extended universe Rude Bear game. It was made for Ludum Dare 42’s jam, under the theme “Running Out Of Space”. It’s a metroidvania game where the screen shrinks. It takes place at the end of time in the Dark Universe. Alex started making The Rude Bear series in 2012, and it has a tonne of weird lore.

A jam game by Alex Rose, João Dias and John Pennington.

Rude Bear was created by Alex Rose and Antony Dewar.

                                === CREDITS ===                        @AlexRoseGames - Code, Design, Animation                                @BitsAndCrafts - Art                           @Atmospherium - SFX, Music                            
Rated 3.3 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorsAlex Rose, bitsandcrafts, atmospherium
TagsLudum Dare 42, Metroidvania
LinksLudum Dare


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Loved this game!! The animation of the bear is awesome, the gameplay is very fun, and the concept itself is so creative. I found myself panicking every time the window was about to close, desperately looking for the nearest checkpoint. Definitely recommend.

Can I see a small video of the gameplay of this game please? This image makes me thing that the game looks good.


Here's Game Jam Curator's playthrough