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The thirteenth game in the Rude Bear series, and the first in 3D.  This game was done for that bootleg Ludum Dare that didn't have ratings or anything, so I didn't bother playing any games and I got two comments on my page lol, one of them said it was buggy. And it was! So I just wrote it off as a failure and never looked it at again. Maybe it's better than I remember. Who knows? Who cares!

Go forth, discover an old forgotten ruin, and defeat its boss.

Rude Bear Relics was made next to my booth at Insomnia while exhibiting Super Rude Bear Resurrection, and is the third Rude Bear game made at Insomnia (after Rude Bear RPG and Rude Bear Recreation). Quality therefore suffers as I was showing my main game most of the time and getting drunk a lot.

PS4 or Xbox:
Cross (or A) = Interact, finish speech.
Circle (Or B) = Hit
L2 (or LT) = L-Target. Lock the camera.
Sticks are run.
WASD, shift for l-target, space for use/talk, left click to hit.

=== Credits ===

Cheers to Jack Englert for modelling Rude Bear based on Simon Wong's design, and Manaman based on my terrible MS Paint art, along with a bunch of other stuff.

Cheers to Sophie Cook too for animation, modelling, texturing.

Cheers as usual to Atmospherium for being a general badass but in this specific instance, doing all the music.

Cheers to me too, obvs.

=== Point of all of this ===

I've never made a 3D game before so it was my experiment. I just wanted to make something Zelda-ish. I'm pretty happy with it!

My own personal feedback:
Yeah, okay, I need sound effects.
Yeah, okay, I need particle effects.
Yeah, okay, I need animation.
Yeah, the ending could be better.
The camera needs some work.
Needs a camera panning system too.
Need a snapping system.
Need a much better dialogue system.
Need a compelling suffering system (as in, HP in most games).
I also wish I wrote a generic interaction class.
I learnt a fair bit though, I think I "get" 3D game design now even though it was too late by the time it clicked, if I did another 3D jam I feel like I'd destroy it, it seems much easier than 2D to make something worthwhile.



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