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Cut off your limbs, swap them for others, use them to fight. Go to the pig to swap your limbs for other limbs. Swap your limbs at the bull for guns.

The Dumpster Dude will save you if you die, or you don’t have enough limbs to trade for another arm, or you lose your guns, but he’ll charge a price, and he will claim it back.

Eyes = See further Ears = Hear music (also the cheapest and most common) Leg = Run faster Hand = Hold more guns

Bloodgun = Spam blood Bone Action Rifle = Slower rate, higher damage and impact Heartzooka = Very heavy, high impact, high damage, destroys walls

=== Controls ===

 Keyboard & Mouse:

WASD = Move

Space/V = Jump

12345678910 = Equip guns to different hands

Mouse = Shoot

Esc/C = Back or B

=== Hints ===

If you have enough legs you can run to the east of town. Buy a gun, kill some monsters, hoard some ears, swap them for better body parts. Investing in weapons is good because you can always pick them up again. Or you can just drop them in town if you’re scared. Once you have a tonne of arms and legs you can go west and storm the base and kill motherdrain.

== What’s a Rude Bear? ==

This is the 18th Rude Bear game in the RB core series, the 20th Ludum Dare extended universe Rude Bear game, and the 20th extended universe Rude Bear game. It was made for Ludum Dare 44’s jam, under the theme “Your Life is Currency”.

                  === CREDITS ===       @AlexRoseGames - Code, Design, Animation, Sound              @BitsAndCrafts - Dope ass Art                   @Atmospherium - Music 
Rated 3.3 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
AuthorsAlex Rose, bitsandcrafts, atmospherium
GenrePlatformer, Shooter
Tagslimbs, Ludum Dare 44, run-n-gun, Shoot 'Em Up
LinksLudum Dare


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game is pretty interesting, but it's pretty lame how the game completely stops all input when you get an item but your enemies still move so you'll end up gaining an ear but losing a leg and an arm. pretty stupid ngl

Yeah, I made the game in a 72 hour jam and it was a way of ensuring even if you had 20 legs the body part would still connect to you. I also wanted to make it clearer what you're getting. maybe I should've done it in update and set the timescale to 0 in hindsight but oh well, I can't change it now because that's how it was when the jam ended

I like the mechanics, very interesting. I like the more eyes you get, the bigger the FOV is, and more ears the louder the sounds, although i think that needs to be pulled in a bit. After a bit of grinding its a little unbearable. I dont know if it was a bug or what, but after each kill the character just stops, whether it being shooting, walking, I guess thats pretty much all that stops, and when your getting attacked by a bunch of monsters, kinda makes it suck, cause that half second makes the difference of being swarmed all over or keeping everything from an arms reach. Still fun tho, still recommend. Hope you enjoy the video! 

Yeah, I agree on that. the game was made in 72 hours for ludum dare and the little pause was to guarantee the limb would line up properly. because you can get a lot of legs you could e.g. be running across the level chased by your limbs. by the time I realised the balance the game was already over. I think the game is too grindy in general to be one of my faves but it was funny watching your playthrough. you almost won actually, that thing on the left is a motherbrain parody and if you killed that you would've won


Very good slasher! 10x Bloodgun kills everyone