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You are Rude Bear's mortal nemesis, an evil dictator. Use a network of spies to find stuff out. Your spies can find things about villages on certain dates and then you use this information to win.


You can play with the mouse, or controller, or keyboard.

ENTER/SPACE/A/left click = Interact

ESC/Right click/B = Back

1/LB/X = Buy menu

2/RB/Y = Wait 1 day


UI stuff:

Top left: Money + Fear

- Money is how much money you have

- Fear is how much your minions are scared of you. Minions who aren't scared will hide money from you and do a half arsed job. You can raise their fear by killing them when they report back to you.

Town buttons:

- Fist: How much the town is willing to train its military. Robbing towns and killing their military will cause this to rise. Attacking towns will cause it to lower, but raise destruction.

- Destruction: A destroyed town will not produce any more money.

- Money: How much money a town has.

- Guards: How many guards a town has, which may kill your units.

- Rude Bear's date: When Rude Bear arrives. If Rude Bear is in a town with your units, they'll ALL die. This shows the next date he arrives.

- Merchant date: If a raider is around at the same time as a merchant they'll rob her. This shows the next date she arrives.


- The Wizard is you. You can warp between dungeons.

- Spies are your eyes and ears. You can use them to find stuff out about the world, but only some info on the dates they arrive. All the information is dated. Watch the calender - your info might not be accurate anymore.

- Raiders can rob for you, they're your source of income. Guards and Rude Bear can kill them, so you should use your spies to scout the area before you send them on a raid. If they raid too much, they'll ruin the economy of an area and potentially destroy a village. Once it's destroyed, a village will never produce money again.

- Lions are your lords. Put one in each dungeon to win.


- Your spies will never come home if you tell them not to! They will wander off and do its own thing and gather information.

- Once you really want it to come back, you can tell your spies to Rally Troops and if they meet up they'll come home.

- Evaluating the area tells you about the wealth, uprising and number of guards in a village.

- Passing through a village always finds its destruction.

- Killing guards will try and wipe out a village before your raiders go in. The more spies you send, the more likely you are to succeed. The more guards there are, the more dangerous it is.

- Finding heroes will find Rude Bear before he visits so you can avoid him completely.

- Finding merchants will find merchants before they visit so you can rob them.

- Spying enroute takes time to spy in each location.

- Being thorough will spend longer at the village to find more information.


- Robbing takes money.

- Attacking destroys the village a bit, kills more guards and makes the people less likely to attack you.

- Ransacking enroute raids all the villages along the way. Risky if there's guards!

- If your units are told to return when rich, once they've got a fair amount of money they'll come right home instead of potentially getting killed by Rude Bear.

Top Right:


- 30 days in Creptember, Brapril, Chune and Lowvember. Also Glocktober and Swaguary - Barch, Baugust, Jerly and Freduary. Remember Greasember has a 30th day, and finally 30 in old Amaymay.


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