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I've attached the server above but I don't think you can specify your own LAN server there, however.. it's possible you could hack the game open and change the IP so I included the server anyway just in case I'm dead or something and someone desperately wants to play this 2 star game

It’s a multiplayer game, the more people are in the room the more possible the game is, but the more frantic it is, the harder it is, the more likely you are to accidentally kill each other.

But on top of that, you can CHOOSE to be a saboteur, whose job it is to ruin the game for everyone else.

If any bears (heroes) make it to the end, all the birds (saboteurs) die! So the birds have to make everyone else die. But you all look like boars so you can’t tell who is who.

Get to the end and get the Ghost Chalice!

=== Controls ===

WASD movement, or up down left right. Works on Azerty and Dvorak. X or Space to jump. You can use a controller, then it’s the buttons you would expect it to be from a platformer.

=== Credits ===

 @Alexrosegames - Code, design, audio, logo

 @SimonWongArt - Graphics

@Atmospherium - Music


RBRabble.zip 22 MB
RBRabbleServer.zip 16 MB

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