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Rude Bear X is a spin off of the main Rude Bear franchise.

It's an endless runner developed in 2 days for Flappy Jam by Alex Rose and Antony Dewar.

Unlike most endless runners, you have free control of where you move around the screen, the ability to surf on enemies, boss battles, 5 unlockable weapons you can switch between, and collect ammo to upgrade your armada.

To fit the theme of the jam, it's heavily inspired by Mega Man, extremely difficult and a tonne of fun.

It features 5 different versions of Rude Bear, each with their own weapon and skill set, obtained from fighting four tough boss battles.

Has leaderboards and contains xbox controller support.

Controls (PC):
WASD/up down left right = move.
E = Fire or charge weapon.
Q = Previous weapon, R = Next weapon.
1-5 number keys = Change weapon (provided you've unlocked them).
Esc = pause.

(360 controller):
Stick = movement.
A = Jump.
B = shoot.
X = Previous Weapon.
Y = Next Weapon.
Start = Pause.

There's 5 characters to unlock.
The original, Mega Rude Bear: He automatically recharges all ammo.
Dark Bear: He's able to walljump on the side of ledges to escape tricky situations, and uses a more powerful modified blaster which fires in sine waves.
Robot Bear: He has the ability to jump extra high, and fires with large rockets. They're a bit slower, but they pack a real punch and can fend off enemies.
Snow Bear: Has the advantage of running extra quick, and uses a charge beam. Hold down and release for more power. If you manage to charge a full beam, it'll go through any enemy.
Zombie Bear: Zombie Bear has the ability to double jump, as well as a homing bone weapon. It's very powerful, but it also has very limited ammo!

To get these weapons you'll have to fight through some bosses:
Smashy: The rock golem, who can take down platforms.
The Fairy: Rude Bear's arch nemesis's most innocuous form. Don't be fooled by his small size, he can easily trip you into a pit.
Cralien: This psychic alien is able to summon hoardes of lesser monsters to his aid.
Dethkube: All Hail Dethkube. Although the Dethkube has never visibly shown emotion or damaged someone, he is a huge hindrance. He'll break your blaster, draining your weapons, get in your way and break down ledges.

As well as minor enemies galore.

A fun game to try is Swarnile Surfing, or Eye Surfing. Eyes don't damage you, they just get in your way and try to push you off ledges, but you can actually ride them across the level once you get the hang of it, and allow better vantage points to make attacks from.

Swarniles are a third crocodile, a third shark, a third sword, pure evil creatures from the abyss who wish only to harm you, but they can only hurt you with their teeth. If you dare take the risk, you can surf on their backs, and spin them by the edge with your gun to get a better angle.

In dangerous situations you can also ride flaming skulls, but this'll hurt you in the process! Likewise, once spinning Immortal Crabs get some torque going, you can ride them straight through the level safe from holes, but as soon as you're close they emit spines which can cause some real damage!

It's super difficult, but your score ties to your online handle, so you can see exactly what place you rank in the world.



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